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The Velenosi Lab

The Velenosi lab aims to advance the field of precision medicine for cancer treatment by identifying and characterizing metabolite profiles that can predict drug response or determine effective treatment, while minimizing toxicity.



Research in the Velenosi Lab is at the intersection of pharmacology, analytical chemistry, and bioinformatics to study metabolite and lipid biomarkers with a focus on:

1) Developing computational methods for improving mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, lipidomics and stable isotope tracing, and


2) Applying these techniques to cutting-edge cancer models, including patient derived xenografts, to identify and characterize metabolic biomarkers and therapeutic targets that can improve therapies for cancer patients.

The Velenosi lab is currently accepting applications for an MSc or PhD student interested in studying metabolic biomarkers of drug response and characterizing therapeutic targets in cancer. Students will be trained in state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, basic molecular biology, tissue culture as well as highly translational animal cancer models.

Please contact Dr. Velenosi with your cover letter, CV and unofficial transcript. Interested candidates should also review the UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program information, found here.


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